Game Story

A genius is born

The city of Magoria has not always been a place of magic and mystery. Decades ago, it was just another ordinary trade center loaded with shameless courtesans and greedy merchants longing for more and more wealth and prosperity.

But, as we have already learned from history, a single man’s will, if strong enough can change the world. It wasn’t different with Magoria either; it only took one person, with immense talent and ambition, to change things forever.

A talented young boy inspired by the enigmatic world of illusion tried his luck on the street with his revolutionary acts of magic. It didn’t take long for people to take notice, and within weeks, he was already considered to be a genius by the public. The acts of even the greatest illusionists of the time seemed shallow and mediocre compared to his talent. In less than a year, the youngster became one of the greatest magicians of his time, a true legend of illusion who became known as Dahlgaard the Magnificent.

The Golden Age of Magic

During the following years, Dahlgaard travelled and amazed the world his stupendous attractions, but he never forgot where he came from. At the apex of his popularity, he decided to return to Magoria, and used his wealth and fame to bring prosperity to his hometown. As the first step, he built the theater of illusion, „The Grand Magorian” next to the old city theater. With an excellent venue to perform at, and the best tutor to learn from, illusionists from every corner of the world gathered to learn from the master and try their luck at the city. Dahlgaard’s dream was slowly taking shape: Magoria was becoming the Capitol of Illusion. As more and more people were flocking from all over the world to see the great mysteries, the construction of The Magnus Pantheon, a new, truly world-class theatre began, where only the world’s greatest illusionists would perform week to week. The Broadway of Magic was born.

At that time, Dahlgaard was so deeply respected by the community that the town elders had a statue raised in the Downtown to honor the great magician. The artist portrayed him with his beloved treasure, a talisman he never left his home without. A shiny, amber-shaded stone he claimed to be his fortune charm.

At one time Dahlgaard gave unusually great publicity to his newest performance, promising a magic act he claimed to be his ultimate masterpiece. Thousands of people arrived from around the world to see the master magician’s great act. The show was simply breathtaking. Even his greatest rivals admitted that the performance in itself would have opened a new chapter in the book of magic, but Dahlgaard had a big twist in store for the final act. He promised his audience to disappear in front of their eyes without using any instruments. And so he did - the audience watched breathlessly as their favorite magician vanished into thin air like evaporating water.

Return of the Master

Sixty years have passed, without anyone seeing, or hearing about the great Dahlgaard since this final act. Magoria’s theaters were still hosting magic performances, but the golden days of the Capitol of Illusion seem to have passed. But one day, four talented Illusionists received a special invitation. The short letter contained only a date and a location, but a small shiny stone was lying next to it in the envelope, similar to the one adorning Dahlgaard’s talisman.

The four rival magicians met that night on the huge auditorium of The Magnus Pantheon. Just before  an intense quarrel was about to break out, an elegant man appeared on the stage, and invited them to follow him. They went after him through a secret door behind the orchestra, leading to a narrow, dimly lit corridor. After a few minutes of walk, they arrived to in a huge hall filled with a wide variety of items and relics of magic. As the man stepped forward, a ray of light illuminated his face.

To their greatest surprise, the living model of the magician’s statue from Downtown greeted them cordially.

The Incredible Tale of the Trickerion Stone

As they stood there, speechless from the shock, Dahlgaard, the great magician began to tell a story. A story they all wanted to hear.

„As a young man, I used to be a servant of Lord Jensen, a wealthy merchant. He raised me after my mother died, who also served him, and he loved me like I was his own child. Serving him was the least I could do to return his kindness.

Lord Jensen was travelling a lot and he always took me with him. One day, we decided to visit the Cascade of Erion, famous for the rich flora and fauna of the area, but as we arrived, I immediately felt something else in the air. Vast sculptures of unrecognizable creatures were standing all around, and I was excited like a small child to see them for myself. I was thoughtless and incautious, so when I tried to leap over the stones at the feet of the waterfall, I slipped and I was swept away by the water under the rocks. As I regained consciousness, I found myself in an underground cave bathing in a strange, amber glow. I was looking for the source of light, hoping to find a way out. More sculptures proved that I was not the first to enter this cave. I was stunned by the energy of the place and suddenly I ran up against a beautiful shrine that held a huge, shiny stone, the source of the effulgence that filled the place.

The stone was huge, way too big to take it home by myself. As I was contemplating on what to do, I tried to lift it up. To my greatest surprise, it suddenly began to shrink until it was small enough to fit in my pocket.

Once I returned to Magoria, I was planning to to sell the stone hoping to get a fortune for it. I made my way to the Market Row, but after strolling aimlessly for hours, I realized that I couldn’t take the idea of losing the stone. I slowly became obsessed with it. I concluded that I found it for a reason, and in time, it will bring me great luck. So I kept it and named it Trickerion after the place where I found it.

It didn’t take long for me to find out that the stone was slowly changing me in ways I could only dream of. I was filled with energy and I started to see the world differently. My imagination was soaring, and everything looked so clear and obvious. As Lord Jensen was infatuated by the world of magic at that time, we’ve seen the performances of many illusionists, and I was deeply impressed by their craft. Through the power of the stone, I could understand even the most intricate and professionally presented magic tricks at a glance, and I also knew right away how I could perform them in a much more impressive way.

So I started to work on my own magic tricks and soon I found myself on the street performing magic acts to the passersby. At first they didn’t seem to pay heed, but once they saw me doing the impossible, their indifference turned into amazement and the rumor quickly took wind that there is something extraordinary about a young boy in Magoria.

The rest, as they say, is history.”

The Challenge of Dahlgaard

As the four illusionists were sitting silently, stunned by the amazing, but still somehow credible story of their idol, Dahlgaard finally got to the point. He needed someone to restore his beloved city, Magoria, to its former glory as the Capitol of Illusion. And for this purpose, only the best Illusionist would suffice.

And so, the idea of the grand Trickerion Contest was born. The Illusionist who manages to become the Magorian audience’s absolute favorite in seven weeks will ascend to be the rightful heir of Dahlgaard, obtaining his whole legacy including the mighty Trickerion Stone that will make the victor the new Legend of Illusion. Dahlgaard would help the competitors by sharing some of his most successful Tricks during the contest, and even by handing out small fragments of the Trickerion Stone to the most worthy competitors. But the heritage itself would be awarded to only one Illusionist. The very best.

It was no surprise that all four Magicians accepted the challenge without hesitation. They were already bitter rivals before rising to the challenge, and with so much at stake, they knew that they would stop at nothing to overcome the others – not even if they have to get their hands dirty.

The struggle for fame and fortune is about to begin.

Only one question remains.

Who is going to be the next Legend of Illusion?